Health Happy Dance

I wanted to do a happy dance Thursday after talking with my doctor. He did give me a high five after telling me my body is no longer fighting itself in the form of an autoimmune disease. I no longer have Hashimoto’s. Yippee!1 A lot of doctors do not believe such diseases can be cured but the tests show otherwise. Of course, my thyroid functioning levels are not where they need to be but no Hashimoto’s. Thank you Lord!!
I sometimes do not want to make the trip to Atlanta to see my doctors. It is a two-hour trip and by the time we get home, neither David or I are much good for anything because the trip wipes us out. Especially if its a long IV treatment for me. But this news made all the trips worth it.
How often do you see a doctor who will spend almost an hour with you; go over all the tests in detail, explaining it as you go and making sure that you understand it all? That was never my experience before I found Progressive Medical. Dr. Matelone expressed regret at spending so much time in his practice handing out pharmecutical prescriptions which do not cure anything and only cover up symptoms, as well as, can kill people. However, he also gave thanks to God that he is now actually helping people and seeing them cured. After shaking my hand goodbye, he also told me ”God bless you”. How awesome is that?
I began going there at the end of 2011, after I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was borderline diabetic, my blood pressure was high, I was overweight, I had a leaky gut, was not absorbing nutrients from my food and I had no energy to get everything done. I did not want to take prescribed meds as I have always felt there were alternatives. My grandmother taught me about herbs and one of my ancestors was an Indian medicine woman. It was only natural that I would prefer alternative medicine to the traditional ones of today.
I just had some tests redone in December so we could compare the results. The results in most areas, are amazing. My sugar level is normal, my blood pressure is great, I have lost some weight and I am not sick and tired all the time. In fact, I have not had a cold in two years now. I am not taking any prescribed medications either.
All of my levels have improved and since giving up gluten, I do not have the aches and pains which used to plague me daily. I actually feel younger than I did in 2011 and I do have more energy.
Funny thing is though, once you start feeling a lot better, you want to feel even better! So when something did not feel quite right, I wanted to see what was going on and of course, it is my thyroid levels and we are trying supplements to fix that as well. I also need sodium and will really have to work on that one as I am not a salt person. I like most food without it. And of course you can’t eat just any salt as you do not want to put the refined kind into your body.
You have to do a lot of research on the things you eat and put into your body if you want to better your health and not all supplements or food is created equal.
Though most of the news was good, there was one very discouraging piece of information. My insurance company is not paying anything. Since it is out of network, they should have at least paid a portion but Aetna, our company is not paying. While the office will work with you, I will have to pay a little more out of my pocket and that is distressing. You pay all that money into insurance and then when you need it, they won’t pay it. I will be writing the insurance commissioner and the company very soon. You would think the insurance company would be glad that I am healthier which also adds years to your life so we can pay the premiums longer! But that is not the case. Wishing you a blessed week. Take charge of your health.


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