More than enough taxation

When is enough, enough? Our forefathers fought against double taxation and especially taxation without representation. But here we are today and we are getting taxed to death every time we turn around. There is definitely double taxation and taxation without representation.
Oh, we might have representation, but they are not representing their constituents’ best interests all the time. In fact, I believe that some of them don’t give one thought to those people who elected them.
We instituted new sales taxes which get re-upped every year, usually by the voters, because we are told it is needed. However, when they try and sell it for the first time, they emphasize that it is ONLY for five years.
Many counties in Georgia voted down the T-SPLOST and now we hear that those counties are being penalized for not voting for it.
Each year the state looks for ways to fund shortfalls in different areas, like transportation. Who has to make up for the shortfall? Of course, it is the taxpayers.
Governments in our country take approximately 40% of our country’s total income in taxes. That means, nearly half of all the income generated each year is going to the governments to spend. While I am all for services, I really don’t see a lot of improvements in services, in fact, many places cut back in services, because of lack of funds.
They take a big chunk out of our paychecks and homeowners pay property taxes. We pay taxes at the gas pump and on everything else we buy. We pay death taxes and excise taxes. There is just no end to the taxes we pay and they add new ones quite regularly or increase the ones we are already paying. Excise taxes, also called sin taxes, usually pits those who do against those who don’t. When you pump gas, you are not only paying a federal tax, but also a state tax on gasoline. If you have a phone of any kind, house or cell, you are paying a tax. There are also some fees which, in reality, are taxes.
And as most of us in the business world know, business owners are also being taxed to death for owning a business and many close due to the strain.
Yet, I have read where there are a good many people who do not pay federal taxes at all. I also have people tell me how much they get back from income taxes and I don’t get it because we hardly ever get any back regardless of what we do. That tells me for every person who does not pay tax, there is a taxpayer somewhere having to pay a lot more to make up the difference. I pay my taxes and think everyone else should as well. It’s great for those people who end up not having to pay, but somewhere down the line, the piper will be paid.
Taxes are imposed on us because government needs it and the more the government grows, the bigger tax burden that is placed on those who are most productive in society. In other words, anyone getting a free ride is costing us and breaking our backs. But it is not just the federal government, it is also state government. When the federal government makes mandates to the states, the states have to come up with ways to fund the mandate. When the federal government makes cutbacks on funding to states, we have the same scenario of having to come up with funding.
States cut back on funding and our local government has to find ways to make up for the lost revenues. It’s a catch 22 and the cycle goes on and on, repeating itself.
I cannot believe that there has not already been a tax revolt from citizens who are tired of carrying the load.
As voters, we need to stay on top of those lawmakers who say they are for the taxpayer, but whose record says otherwise. Those who are successful at cutting taxes and balancing budgets need to get our support, those who don’t need to get voted out.
We need a fair tax and there should be a limit on how much we can be taxed by the government. At least if everyone paid something, we couldn’t complain about it!
I want to point out something many do not realize. Our current money system is corrupt in that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank that can create money out of thin air. It then lends that money to governments at a compound interest rate. So in reality, we do not have money as a medium of exchange value, but instead, it is a debt. If in fact, we actually owned our treasury, the national debt would be the treasury. We just don’t need tax reform; we need monetary reform to be held accountable. When you see the bigger picture, it seems we are not really free, but are instead, debt slaves.
Most complain about taxes, but we do nothing about it. Being taxed to death, takes away our freedom. How much can you really do with your money when you are paying close to half to the government in one form or another? We need to get out of our easy chairs, off the sofas and demand real tax relief. When one of our elected officials comes up with a good plan for a fair or flat tax which would help, we need to get behind it and contact other officials and keep the heat on until we get relief, not just words or promises.

VICTORIA SIMMONS is a columnist, motivational speaker/ minister and publisher/gm of The Post/Byron Buzz. Reach her by email at


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