Unity in corporate prayer

Under the care of an alternative medical doctor for heavy metal toxicity, I travel to Atlanta every few weeks for an IV treatment. The heavy metal toxicity was discovered when my blood pressure kept going up and down all the time. Regular doctors wanted to put me on medication and those who know me understand it when I say, ”no way”.
I don’t take prescription medicines unless absolutely necessary. I want to know what caused the health problem; how do we fix it without prescribed medicine and what are my options.
It’s been over a year and my blood pressure is pretty normal and I am not on prescribed medication for blood pressure, thank you Lord. All those medications are not good for your liver and cause all kinds of other complications sometimes so they are not for me.
Normally I make the trip on a Thursday because the office is closed that day and it doesn’t interfere as much with work. But on the most recent trip, they insisted I be there on Wednesday so I could also meet with the doctor. Nothing to worry about they assured me it had just been awhile since I had seen the doctor and my thyroid numbers were low again after being normal for a very long time. That certainly explains why my energy level had tanked!
While hooked up to the IV a preacher was going around the room praying for people. There was a young girl, in her 20s in the chair next to me. When the minister asked her if he could pray with her she refused in an agitated tone. He next asked me and I told him though I was doing fine, I never refuse prayer and prayer was always needed. I said this a little bit louder than normal, hoping the young girl would hear me. She either didn’t hear or pretended not to hear but I said a prayer for her as well. This minister was not making a big deal out of it or insisting, he was merely asking and sometimes, someone praying for you can make all the difference in the world.
You see in the IV room are also cancer patients and other patients with various problems who are receiving various treatments. Some are praying for a miracle. The young girl was also hooked up to an IV, so she was obviously being treated for something and prayer certainly could not have hurt.
I thought about asking her why but she was not very friendly and I did not feel that compelling desire to do so which I normally do when God is telling me to do something. I don’t understand someone not wanting to be prayed for as we all need prayer just to get through our day. Perhaps there will be another time for an encounter and conversation with her.
Seems there are more and more people who are having problems with someone praying for them or our right to worship freely.
There is unity in prayer and while God hears all of our prayers even individually but we really get His attention when we pray corporately. In fact, when we petition God in numbers I think we can change an outcome.
I pray for our leaders pretty much on a daily basis. America needs to come back to God and our country needs prayer. I pray God grants them the wisdom to act with integrity in their decisions.
I have seen something about allowing bibles in prison but not in our schools. Such a shame. Separation of church and state does not mean what most people think it means. Our forefathers definitely would not be happy with the state of things today as we have made of them.
If we join together in prayer, we can see our communities transformed, one family at a time. God’s word tell us where two or more are gathered, He is in the midst of them. Prayer makes a difference and gives hope.
Prayer should be our first response to every situation, not the last resort. Nor should it be something we do flipplantly or just once in a while. When we pray we should remind God of His promises. Not that God has forgotten those promises but to let Him know we remember them and we believe He meant what He said.
In every situation, we should be reminded that nothing is impossible with God and no problem too great for Him.
Join us next Thursday (May 7) for the National Day of Prayer. We want people to be praying all over our communities. If you cannot meet at our office at noon, then stop at noon and pray wherever you are and tell God your are joining your voice with those praying and that we want our country to repent and return to Him. Believing that He hears and answers prayer is part of our faith. God is faithful and we should be faithful in praying.
Wishing you a blessed week full of prayer.

VICTORIA SIMMONS is a columnist, motivational speaker/ minister and publisher/gm of The Post/Byron Buzz. Reach her by email at vsimmons54@gmail.com


About vsimmons54

Veteran journalist of 40 years. Editor, Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, CEO of A Light in the Darkness Ministries, Copy Editor, Copywriting, Event Planner, Lensclusive Photography, Babbling Brook Consulting and Design, event planner and author. I love to write and speak and I love Jesus. I also do copy writing and editing. Recently co-authored Vanished Towns Revisited.
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