No one to blame but ourselves

In spite of wanting to throw up every time I read or see some ridiculous posting about another lawsuit over someone being offended about something or the other, America is still the best place in the world. Yes, we have our problems, and lately it seems more than our fair share.
Our country has been in similar places before and has always come back strong. It can again but it takes all of us standing against those who want to divide us and pit us against each other. When was the last time, instead of complaining about the current situation in our country, that you fell on your face before God and prayed for the country and its leaders?
If instead of complaining about something we prayed about, I expect we would see a big difference in the way things are going.
There are always bumps in the road with anything worth being a part of and that includes America.
With all the craziness of late, I admit, I have found myself wondering if some other place would be better to live. But when I really become serious about considering our country, I realize that each of us has a purpose in life and there are reasons for us to be where we are today. And should there ever come a time when I think I need to leave I am sure my heavenly father will direct my steps.
America is the best and worst of our world and everything in between. We find ourselves divided at times, full of violence and racially charged. Perhaps because our country’s makeup is so diverse. Thanks to social media and modern technology, everyone all over the world now is privy to everything that happens in our country and in return they voice their opinions about it.
Unfortunately, even the mainstream media can claim some responsibility for where we are today. As it has been said, a house divided against itself cannot stand and we are getting closer to that point every day. The media plays to those things which are sensational and cause people to get stirred up because that’s what most people want to read about or hear about these days. Mainly because we have been so inundated with it, we become fixated on it. The good news many times gets pushed to the back or is never shared around social media like the bad news is. Good stories, or stories that contradict the current issue don’t surface.
There are those who don’t want it to because it might alter their agenda of dividing us. Once you divide you can conquer.
Our Constitution is being shredded on a daily basis and we complain instead of doing something about it. “We, the people” have let things get this bad and it’s time we take our country back. If those people who normally vote in presidential elections but didn’t when Romney was running have no right to complain. They gave the election away because they didn’t feel they had a good candidate but not voting is actually a vote.
Anyone can still come to America and reinvent themselves. We are still a nation of dreamers, even though some of those dreams these days may be skewed. Americans still encourage each other and in most tragedies we pull together and we mourn together when needed. While some think it’s okay to riot and loot and burn cities when they don’t agree with something, that is not everyone.
Our government can still work for us, if and only if, we are diligent enough to hold it accountable.
We are still one of the most diverse and inclusive cultures in the world. Our beacon for the world may somewhat be dimmed but it can be shined and rekindled to burn bright again.
We have some of the best universities in the world as students come from all over the world to attend them. We continue to be innovators in technology and other areas.
The majority of us still share a sense of pride, nationalism and a love for our country. There are those who don’t and because of social media strides we hear about it more than in the past.
Unfortunately, we believe too much of what we hear and we accept statistics from the government which may or may not be quite accurate but given to prove a point they are trying to make. For example the statistics given to justify Obamacare had nothing to do with the healthcare system but more to do with our lifestyle and that is an individual choice that won’t change with mandated healthcare.
Today statistics indicate we are a declining country. And maybe we are on a decline but it’s nothing that can’t be turned around. The problems we have need to be addressed. Politicians and even voters are not dealing with the big issues. Instead we get sidetracked on other issues which can divide us instead of addressing the real issue. We focus on meaningless political battles all the while our country is in an economic tailspin.
We are raising our children without instilling in them the values that we once shared as a nation. We live for today without investing in the country’s future.
We owe it to our children to act to preserve our country and to teach them values like honoring those who have served and risked their lives in service to our country. We need to pass on the responsibility to help preserve its freedoms, freedoms that we complain are slipping away. That can only be true when we allow it. Hold our governmental leaders’ feet to the fire. Stand up and be counted. America is worth it. If we don’t, we can only blame ourselves.


About vsimmons54

Veteran journalist of 40 years. Editor, Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, CEO of A Light in the Darkness Ministries, Copy Editor, Copywriting, Event Planner, Lensclusive Photography, Babbling Brook Consulting and Design, event planner and author. I love to write and speak and I love Jesus. I also do copy writing and editing. Recently co-authored Vanished Towns Revisited.
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