“Really?” I have caught myself saying that quite a lot lately. You see when there are just no words, “really” fills in nicely. It also means that you are beyond floored and can’t believe what happened or was said.
I am convinced there must be something, somewhere in the water supply which is causing all of the craziness around us. Surely people have not totally lost their minds on their own.
And yes I get why people are supporting Donald Trump. Everyone is tired of the rhetoric in Washington and they want something totally different. But Trump? Really? While he has said somethings that make sense, other things he has said, have been nonsense. The media loves him because he can go from politician to clown in 30 seconds flat and has no filter whatsoever on what he says, which gives them plenty of fodder. I just don’t think he’s the answer. Do your research and you will see he used to be a Democrat and has connections to the Clintons.
The answer is certainly not Hillary either. Some women will vote for her just because she is a woman. Really? Yes, really and that is a sad fact. I agree it is time for a woman in the White House because the recent men have blown it in numerous ways, but I certainly will not vote for just any woman just to say we have had a woman president! No one should be that shallow but voters certainly don’t use common sense all the time. If you just need one thing against Hillary, I have one word – Benghazi!
We definitely do need change in Washington, DC. First of all, we need term limits instead of having career politicians. I don’t believe it was ever meant to be a full time permanent job. A few Congressmen have been there for 40 years or more! Really!
With so many people in the running for President, especially for the GOP, it is hard for me to get excited about the debate. With so many, each only had a few minutes which sometimes is just not enough. Who won? The media, of course, being in love with Trump at the moment, declared him the winner. We all know that if an election can be bought, Trump has the money to do it. He was also given more airtime than the other candidates.
Several had a few winning remarks but overall, don’t think there was a clear winner, but that’s just my opinion and I kind of tuned out here and there. Seems to me they didn’t really answer the real tough questions and we get too hung up on the smaller stuff. I personally don’t think it funny, professional or necessary to attack other candidates during the debates. Let’s hear where you stand and forget about the others. What do you bring to the table? And I don’t care about who hugged whom. What’s got that to do with anything really?
I also do not like the political pundits who want to tell you what who said after the debate. They also want to tell you whether it was true, false, part true, mostly true, etc. Last time I checked I still had my own mind and could sift through the crap and determine for myself what they actually said. Of course, I do realize there are some who can’t do that for whatever reason.
If you did not watch any of the debate and instead are reading about it, you are going to miss some moments. The media accounts only cover what they deemed important and that was the bickering and craziness, not the nuts and bolts stuff. You have to search further to hear what some of the other candidates had to say, like Ben Carson’s closing statement which ended in part with, “But I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only one who will pick up the baton of freedom. Because freedom is not free!”
Not all candidates were in the debate because they were selected based on their standings in the poll and as we know polls can be fickle. They did hold an earlier debate for them, but I was working when that started and not able to catch it. Haven’t had a chance to decipher through all the reports on that one yet.
Unless you intend to sidestep the Constitution with Executive Orders as our current leader likes to do, it is not quite as easy as some make it sound to be President because you have to work with Congress to get things done. It’s great to say you are going to do something, but getting it done is another, so I’d like to hear how they intend to get it done. I want to hear the plan, not just what they want to accomplish.
Personally, I’m fed up with political party lines. Both sides have failed to address the real issues. Had Republicans done a better job with their platform, we might not have witnessed Donald Trump’s entrance into the arena. Neither party truly represents the people as a whole. I’m not saying I’m for the tea party or libertarian, just that we need to be for what’s in the best interest of all Americans as a whole, not just a select few or special interest groups.
Americans are frustrated and we need someone who is not afraid to go against the status quo. But they also need to be respected and professional. Of course, the GOP hasn’t actually picked the candidate that they will back, that comes later. The Democratic debates won’t be starting until October, because the field is a lot smaller, they won’t hold as many.
It is time to stop pointing fingers; for the government to quit lying to the American public and for the American media to quit being a lapdog for the government. Americans need to be a part of taking the country back and be responsible in their voting choices. Pray and then pray some more before you cast a vote.


About vsimmons54

Veteran journalist of 40 years. Editor, Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, CEO of A Light in the Darkness Ministries, Copy Editor, Copywriting, Event Planner, Lensclusive Photography, Babbling Brook Consulting and Design, event planner and author. I love to write and speak and I love Jesus. I also do copy writing and editing. Recently co-authored Vanished Towns Revisited.
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