Breathing again

Whew! I can finally breathe. Something I don’t feel I’ve been able to do this whole year due to wedding preparations. For mothers of the bride, I’m sure you know what I mean. There is so much to do and if you hold it at your house that just adds more on your “to do” list. Such a joyous occasion can take its toll on you.
Looking back now, we can laugh about the setbacks we had the week before the wedding, but at the time it pushed my stress level up. So much so, apparently, my daughter gave instructions for no one to upset me because I was starting to be insane! I just wanted everything to be perfect for her special day.
I didn’t realize how much of a toll it had taken on me until Friday when I picked up the flowers and the guy said, “You look like you are done.” I was but couldn’t be for there was much still left to do.
And it was. In spite of tents falling down due to rain and not being able to get other things done we had hoped to accomplish, the ceremony was perfect. We simply, just ran out of time. All the prayers for good weather were answered a couple hours before the ceremony, but all except one of the tents were toast by that point. But because the weather was so beautiful, it didn’t really matter. The ceremony itself, though beginning almost 30 minutes late, went off without a hitch even with the ground being drenched and soft.
During a wedding you need as much help and support as you can get and there were several things we forgot about beforehand as well. I could not have made it without Kristi and Linda offering their help. Linda handled food preparation and serving that day while Kristi’s decorations were a thing of beauty. Had they not stepped up to help, I might have just gone over that edge. My oldest daughter took care of the bouquets for me which helped tremendously and she kept everyone on target at the wedding. She was a good “boss”.
My stepmom saved me by helping with the rehearsal dinner preparations. It was raining that evening as well, so the rehearsal was done in the rain and so not everyone felt comfortable about what they were supposed to do at the wedding, but it still went well. I have to say the guys had it together more than the girls!
My daughter was beautiful and I don’t feel I have lost her, I feel I have gained a son, as I love her choice for a husband. After all, Jeff was an answer to many prayers for the one she was to marry. He is very good to her, is a good man and has ambition and works hard at a job while going to school to complete his education. He has supported her through ups and downs and I have felt he was part of the family from the start.
They both were very happy Saturday and in spite of everything that didn’t go right, that is what really matters.
Now we are left with the cleanup but we can now take our time since we aren’t under a deadline. My husband didn’t understand why I wanted to do so much cleaning. I knew everyone would be descending on the house for the rehearsal as well as the wedding and every room was utilized, whether getting ready, for photos or just hanging out.
Since the house is now a complete wreck from all that activity, he still doesn’t understand, but that’s okay. We survived and actually only got ill with each other one time during all of the preparations which in itself is a miracle. My husband is also an answered prayer and he had a lot on his plate outside during preparations including building the gazebo for the ceremony. In addition to everything else he was doing, he performed the ceremony. I am truly blessed in that area.
Now maybe all of us can begin to sleep more and get our brains refreshed and get back into the normal routine. If you had trouble reaching us at the Post last week, we apologize. I was in and out, trying to do wedding stuff and dealing with an abscessed tooth as well which was no fun. I was praying the swelling in my face would go down and God answered that prayer as well. The office closed early Friday to deal with wedding stuff.
I am thankful this was my last child to get married because I am getting too old to do so much. My oldest renewed her vows last year and even with being a part of the ceremony, that was a piece of cake.
Speaking of cake, Jeff’s sister, Katherine made both the wedding and the groom’s cake and not only did they look good, they tasted great. (I know I was not supposed to eat them, but hey it was my daughter’s wedding.)
Wedding down, now Jeff and Cally have a lifetime of more memories to make ahead of them. Since they have already purchased a house, David and I think they are on the right track and off to a good start. The wedding ceremony honored God throughout and as long as they put Him first and remember He is in control, they will survive the storms of life together with His guidance. Blessings to you both, Jeff and Cally. (I know all the readers are glad they don’t have to read anymore about the wedding either!)

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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