Propaganda not palatable

What a week last week! As I write it is Monday and a chance to begin again. Of course, each new days brings that same chance, but I am praying there will be no more violence or nonsensical happenings this week.
In our country, we are in a season of no one wanting to take responsibility for anything and a lack of respect not only for those in authority but for human life. Each of us has to take responsibility for our actions, our choices as well as our reactions and the things we decide to post about or respond to on social media.
After seeing numerous posts from people I thought had some common sense, some posting untruths, and some hateful remarks, I had all I could take. I took a break from social media for a day and I have to tell you it is not as easy as it sounds but I made it. Truthfully, we each need to do this more and more and I personally intend on working toward that goal.
Not everything you read on social media is true and before you post it, you need to verify that it is the truth. One of my friends posted that the shooter in Dallas was a white supremacist, which was not true. I and several others set her straight but I’m not sure whether it was appreciated or not.
We see things which happen and we assume things which may or may not be true. In reality, unless we were right there when things happen, we cannot say in truth what really happened. The mainstream media has helped skew our sense of right and wrong and everything is sensationalized. They depend on ratings and revenues and of course, they don’t care about any backlash as long as the ratings and revenues are still good. If they would report some of the good stories as much as they do the bad, people might not get so frustrated and angry when things happen.
I do know that all lives matter, no matter who you are or what your lot in life. We are all human beings and we are all Americans. Instead of division we need unity. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall — we ALL fall.
Yes, I find it interesting that the FBI findings on Hillary were front and center and then a shooting happens and we forget all about that scandal. Thank you mainstream media.
I am convinced that the non-stop distractions of some incidents, are deliberately used by the powers to be as a means of policy for the sole purpose of preventing people from paying attention to reality. They love the mayhem their portrayal of events bring because it means ratings and dollars.
Because of this, we the people are being reduced to a state where we are unable to know the truth or even search for the truth because we accept what mainstream media as the truth and are satisfied with it. We are quick becoming unable to distinguish between what is real and what is fake and many do not really care whether it is truth or fiction.
The propaganda spewed by mainstream media is used by the powers to be manipulate our thoughts and opinions. When we no longer care about what truth is, the propaganda shows us what to think and do. We the people are bombarded by a news cycle filled with propaganda, that changes all the time and dominates our lives. Such constant bombardment does allow time for you to think or even consider a common sense approach.
That steady stream of news has pretty much the same narrative all the time — gun control or further dividing us with words of racism. It’s somehow our fault because we don’t support gun control and they attack us even before the victim’s families even have time to fully grasp what has happened. They do so even before they express sorrow for what has happened. There is something very wrong with that picture.
We are given facts and statistics, which if you do the real research yourself, you will find is not fact. Guns are not the problem in America, it’s the people who have no respect and think the world owes them something just for breathing.
Just once I would like to hear someone actually say let’s figure out what we need to do to change things in our country without mentioning gun control. But you will never hear that because they are afraid that one day we will have had enough and will take our country back from those who have fat pockets and have made more money from our sweat and toil. They want us disarmed so they can “feed” us anything they want and expect us to enjoy it and ask for more.
Change has to come and it has to start with each of us. That change comes from prayer, and not letting anyone take away our rights given to us under the Constitution of the United States. We need to show more love and to see that our children show respect and obey the law of the land. It starts with us. Be the change you want to see in our world.©2016

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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Veteran journalist of 40 years. Editor, Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, CEO of A Light in the Darkness Ministries, Copy Editor, Copywriting, Event Planner, Lensclusive Photography, Babbling Brook Consulting and Design, event planner and author. I love to write and speak and I love Jesus. I also do copy writing and editing. Recently co-authored Vanished Towns Revisited.
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