Getting back home

Getting back in the groove after getting a few days of rest and relaxation is easier said than done. But get in the groove, I must.
This is the first time in a long time, that I didn’t really feel I needed a vacation from my vacation. Oh, there are clothes to wash, etc. but we really did do a lot of relaxing this time.
First stop was David’s family reunion in Mississippi. I have to always nudge him a little to go because I think it’s important. You never know when you might not be able to see some of your relatives again.
He actually got to give a sermon on Sunday to the family and we have started a new family tradition for them — Sunday service together as a family. It was actually his mom’s idea and I think a good one. We had songs and just enjoyed worshiping together. If we had access to a piano, it would have been the icing on the cake.
The view at the state park in Mississippi was great from our camper. We headed to St. George Island for a few days after. For me, the beach is my happy place. There is just something refreshing and relaxing about listening to and watching the waves on the shore.
As Hermine had visited the week before, there was debris and a lot of seaweed on shore but it was still beautiful. Walking or sitting on the beach makes me feel closer to God and realize just how majestic our world is that we see and sometimes take for granted.
Thanks to my walking every day, I was able to make the two and a half mile trek into the wilderness camp on the bay side without much difficulty. Coming back, since it was in the heat of the day, was a little tough and my tripping over my feet didn’t help, but I made it. We had hoped to go back another day because you find the best and larger shells in this area.
Because Hermine had gotten rid of the mosquitos for a while, they came back with a vengeance a couple days before our departure. The day we wanted to hike back, we got swarmed and nothing, not even the deet spray helped so we had to turn around and get back to the camper before they carried us away. We had our four-legged child, Roxie, with us and she was attacked as well so I did not get to bring any really great shells home. The first day we hiked in, we didn’t have any thing to put them in so didn’t try since we said we would be back later in the week. So much for that though. I am still dealing with the mosquito bites.
Did find a few shells on the gulf side but not like those on the bay side. We did see a bald eagle though which kind of makes up for it. On one of David and Roxie’s walks, he actually saw two.
Part of the reason for the time away was to celebrate our anniversary — eight years. It has been some of the best years of my life and I love my wonderful husband. He does all of the cooking on our camping trips and I do the dishes, which is a pretty good swap off for me. We did eat out on our anniversary. Nothing like fresh caught seafood.
On this trip, because of the mosquitos, we actually did some exploring on the island riding around. Discovered several places we did not know about and that the public beach area allows pets. Not so at the state park.
Roxie loves the beach, but she loves to run up and down it. You are supposed to keep them on leashes but every now and then, when there was no one else on the beach, we let her run a couple of times.
While it is great to get away, there is just something about getting back to your home. I even think I saw Roxie smiling bigger when we got home.
It was disappointing that we had received very little rain, however. Our pond is at one of the lowest points ever and we did not have any scuppernongs this year due to the drought and even though we have watered them, the fig trees are not looking like they are going to make it. We did get some rain when we got home Sunday afternoon but not near enough to make up for the lack of it thus far. Of course, I thanked God for it. He is in control and provides rain on His schedule.
I was able to finish my talk for the upcoming women’s conference this Saturday while away. I tend to keep editing up until the night before so it is good to get it done and ready so I can add to it, if needed. Sometimes, during the presentation, God gives me other things to add. Once He even had me do away with my notes and gave me something totally different to say. As I said, He’s in control.
If you’d like to attend this Saturday’s event, Stay in Your Lane, or know someone else who might, come join us. It’s from 9-3:30 at First Assembly of God Church, Taylor’s Mill Road, Fort Valley. Tammie Klima and others will be worshiping in song. It’s going to be a really good day with lots of fellowship, worship and fun. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Donations or love offering accepted. Speakers besides myself, will be Vivian Childs and Nancy Peed. Come and get your worship on and be blessed.©2016

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