Houston, we have a problem

We the people of the United States of America have been sold a bill of goods and we have bought into it, hook, line and sinker or lock, stock and barrel if you prefer. Our fascination with social media has dulled our minds and senses to the point, we can no longer think for ourselves. Plus, many are hostage to the pharmaceutical companies and are so overly medicated, their senses are dulled. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to take medication, but these days they throw medication after medication at you without even thinking about whether there is an alternative treatment. And we agree to take it like robots without any questions asked. That in itself, is a problem.
The catchwords of the day for some is “let’s talk about it” or we need to start a conversation about this. But in reality they don’t want to talk about it because they have already made up their mind and they really don’t care what you have to say about it. They are waiting to jump on someone who has the opposite opinion.
We have become a Godless society with hearts of stone and self-indignation. We prefer to play the victim than live in the reality of the truth. We have no patience with someone who doesn’t look like us or doesn’t agree with us for that matter. We are a house divided against itself and we all know the saying goes that in that scenario — we fall.
Riots are applauded, only certain lives matter, and the race card is played at every opportunity available. Mainstream media has played a big part in our divide. Once upon a time we did not know every single thing that was going on and I believe we were better off for it. They zoom in on the negative and there are thousands of stories — good and bad — we do not hear. Things they report have always gone on to a certain extent, but now we are bombarded with it and it plays on our emotions. You see justice should be the same for everyone, not just for a few or because of a skin color and we shouldn’t care about that skin color, only that justice be served.
I have a friend, who does not look like me by the way, who says there will always be race problems unless we become just Americans and just human beings. We all look the same on the inside. All of us go through things and many struggle daily.
My take on this is that God made each of us the color we are. He knows what we’re going to experience and He’s there with us through it all. It makes us who we are if we are attuned to Him. We are told to be content in whatever state we find ourselves and therefore, we need to quit complaining and comparing ourselves and be happy with who God made us to be in the first place. If we were more concerned with our own state of heart, instead of the state of others, we wouldn’t have so much hate talk going around.
I ask all the time what has happened to the America I love and to the people who live here. Once we were viewed as the land of opportunity and we were respected for our ideals and values. We also were once a super power. All that has changed drastically in the last few years and if you don’t think you can blame that on leadership, you are right, for it is a lack of the right leadership. Our society tends to follow and reflect what our leaders portray. The state of our country says a lot about that these days. That we could not come up with better presidential candidates only accentuates that truth.
In fact, there is a void in the area of leadership across America. Once leaders held themselves to higher standards, now it’s a free for all and it doesn’t matter what your standards are, it’s acceptable. We have a double standard. It’s okay and we accept the vulgarity in rap songs but it’s not okay for someone to say that in public. For me, it’s not okay either way.
This election year has further polarized us. Truth of the matter is, if things worked as they should, the President could not do anything without Congress. But with career politicians in Washington, government does not work as it was created to work and the commander in chief can sidestep the process with executive orders. It’s not just our current president that has used executive orders to do just that.
I daresay if the truth was known, we would be surprised who is running our country. I believe it is people with unlimited funds like George Soros and the special interest groups who pay lobbyists to get certain legislation passed which benefits them and “we the people” are not only shortchanged because of it, we pay a price for it.
When a candidate has made millions and pays thousands of dollars for a suit or a haircut, then has the gall to say they understand the needs of the everyday person, it is a lie. They can’t possibly understand unless they have been in that same situation. There is an old  saying that says “walk a mile in my shoes and then you can judge me. We need to remember that.
In 2013, there were over 600,000 homeless people in the United States. Most are born citizens. We can’t take care of these people, yet we want our doors to be wide open. When we go to another country, we have to abide by their laws and customs, yet when people come here they don’t. There’s something wrong with that picture.
Add in “free trade” which is not free and we have destroyed ourselves. We should be practicing “fair trade” instead to keep American companies operating in America.
I agree, things change and sometimes we must adapt. However, right and wrong do not change and our values and morals should not change for the worse.
When we no longer care about the truth or do the research to get to the truth, there is a problem. When we stop asking questions like “is this a good idea” or does this make sense when it comes to government handouts and programs, there is a problem. When a country rewards victims so handsomely you have to wonder if some incidents aren’t staged for sympathy or in hopes of getting rewarded monetarily, there is a problem.
When the mainstream media only reports what will get the most views and is supporting only one party, there is a problem. When we only think about the here and now and not about the future of our children and our country, there is a problem.
When tolerance actually means approval and a lack of tolerance means disapproval and is kin to hate, there is a problem. When we no longer care about the issues or policies of our country and instead focus more on the motives and characteristics of a person, there is a problem.
When the definition of racism changes from an expression of hatred toward another race to an expression of disagreement with Democrats, there is a problem.
When the powers that be focus more about what’s best for illegal immigrants instead of what’s in the best interest of the American people or those who want to come to our country legally, there’s a problem.
When good press is the first priority in getting involved in wars instead of protecting the lives of our troops and winning the war, there is a problem. When the American people don’t care about the fact that we are a nation in debt, with that debt growing every day, there is a problem.
When we don’t care about whether or not government programs work anymore as long as someone is getting something for nothing, there is a problem. When we had rather get money from the government than put in a day’s work, there is a problem.
When we care more about the divorces of Hollywood celebrities, than the state of our country, there is a big problem.
When we don’t care or not educated enough about small businesses and the struggles  they face and believe that they can rebuild as long as government provides what they need, there is a problem.
When borrowing from other countries and giving money to terrorists is acceptable, there is a problem.When a presidential candidate can get by when anything and everyone thinks it’s okay, there is a problem. When we have a double standard and jump on one person for something, but it’s okay for another person, there is a problem.
When it’s okay to disrespect our flag, our country and to riot by destroying businesses and cities, there is a problem. I don’t believe Martin Luther King would approve.
If you can’t see what is happening to our country and that people are working to move us into a socialist society, then there is a problem. Read Saul Alinsky’s program and look at what is taking place for yourself. Hillary Clinton is a fan of his program.
When Bibles and any references to God and Christianity are removed from schools and other places, yet Muslim principles can be taught without anyone thinking it’s wrong, there is a problem.
When the government wants to take away your rights, your guns and control your healthcare, remove God, control education and pit us against each other, there is a problem.
Do you get it? Houston, there’s a problem and it’s us.
Get off social media, quit listening to the mainstream, open up your Bible and get in tune with God’s word and get on your knees and pray. May God have mercy on us.©2016

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publicsher of The Georgia Posst/Byron Buzz. Contact her at vsimmons54@gmail.com


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Veteran journalist of 40 years. Editor, Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, CEO of A Light in the Darkness Ministries, Copy Editor, Copywriting, Event Planner, Lensclusive Photography, Babbling Brook Consulting and Design, event planner and author. I love to write and speak and I love Jesus. I also do copy writing and editing. Recently co-authored Vanished Towns Revisited.
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