Mother’s Day thoughts

Though you can find some really heart-felt ones, you just cannot find a card that adequately expresses the deep sentiment we feel for our mothers. We should be thankful for our mothers every day, not just on the day set aside to shower her with affection and thank her for all that she has done for us. For without a mother, none of us would exist.
Commercialism has given new meaning to most holidays. We shouldn’t have to be told to be thankful for our mothers because there is a national holiday for it. But we have to get past that fact and appreciate that there is a holiday for mothers because it certainly is deserving. Even Anna Jarvis, who organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration and started the writing campaign which eventually helped it become a national holiday, urged everyone to stop buying into the commercialism. She  lobbied the government to have it removed from the official holiday calendar once she saw it had become about the flowers, cards and candies, instead of mothers.
From experience, I can tell you that being a mother is one of, if not the hardest job in the world. Even if you think you are prepared, once you are holding that tiny infant in your arms, they have your heart and your life is never the same. It’s better and has more meaning.
Unfortunately, I know not everyone has a good mother so if you do be exceedingly thankful. Not everyone is cut out to be a mom and that’s okay. Those who do take on that role wholeheartedly, do the very best that they can for their children. Upbringing and experiences with your own mother, do affect your mothering style I think. If you weren’t happy with your mother or she wasn’t the greatest, then you may strive to do better. If you had a wonderful mother, then you mimic what she taught you.
When I was a child, it certainly was true that it took a village. I believe that is true today, but people are just different and don’t necessarily want any help raising their children.
I had many wonderful moms in my life who influenced me and helped raise and influence me. As a grownup, I was fortunate to have a mom and a stepmom. While my mom and I had a rough time during my childhood, it was all put behind us as an adult and I came to understand her more and why she was who she was. She is now a staunch supporter and prayer partner when needed. We talk on a regular basis and if prayer is needed, she is the first one I call.
My stepmom has always accepted me from day one and was great for my father. We try and talk regularly. She is such a blessing.
Out of all the things my children could give me for Mother’s Day, it is their presence in my life, a hug and an I love you, that is really all I need. Just having the kids around the dinner table again is a great blessing. However, if they want to weed my garden that day, that’s great too! (Hint – hint.)
Moms wear so many hats when the children are small. Counselor, psychologist, teacher, nurse, adviser, chauffeur, referee, chief cook and bottle washer and much more.
The time from birth to adult for our children, is short. They grow up before you know it, right before your eyes. If you still have small children, enjoy this time and let your children be children, don’t force them to grow up too fast; you’ll regret it down the road.
One of the best joys in the world as the Bible tells us is that your children walk in truth. I’m blessed that at least two of mine do and they love the Lord. I keep praying for the other two. But it is also nice to realize that your children have grown up to be kind, loving and productive people. They understand that life is not fair and accept that without bitterness.
I was not the perfect mother; just did the best I could and tried to give my kids better than what I had. It certainly was a lot easier when they were small and you could keep up with them. Once they are out in the world it becomes harder because you know about the dangers and snares outside the safety of your home’s walls.
For those whose mothers are no longer with them, may remembering the special times  bring you joy. I’m fortunate in that area but know one day it is a bridge that must be crossed so until then, I try to make the most of every day.
While I thought I would never hear myself saying anything my mother said, I have to admit that some of those things do come out of my mouth. When they do, I am always shocked.
It doesn’t get easier when your children get grown. You always worry about them and pray just as much for them even though they are grown and have lives of their own. They have to make their own mistakes, so if you’ve raised them to be confident and self-sustaining, be proud of it and for them.
Be sure to at least call your mom Sunday. She’s the reason you breathe. Happy mother’s day. ©2017

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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