Stop the insanity please

Can we please get through one whole week without someone having a mental breakdown or pitching a hissy fit over something that President Trump has or has not done?
I, for one, like to keep up on current events but lately, I’d rather be kept in the dark. First off, because, it may or may not be the truth; and secondly, someone is going to put a spin on it which will make me want to scream.
I just can not wrap my head around all the nonsense. There are so many really big issues and things to do that we want to make even something small and insignificant, into something monumental. Trump is the President of the United States and I think it’s time everyone got over it and moved on. Let him do his job and don’t have a mental breakdown every time he does something you don’t agree with or don’t even understand in the first place.
I will not comment on the ugliness of a certain comedienne, as I think she has mental problems and won’t give credence to her insanity.
Let’s separate some of the falsehoods and the facts of the Paris Climate agreement though, since some people are up in arms.
First of all, it was not a binding agreement. Second of all, it does not mean the world is going to burn up as some would have you believe. Thirdly, it was going to cost the United States billions of dollars and countries like China and India, were not required to pay money for 15 years or meet the goals, but the U.S. was impacted immediately. That doesn’t sound fair to me.
The United States already does many things toward stopping our slaughter of the environment. Some scientist say it’s a hoax, much like Al Gore’s carbon credits he sold for a lot of money. Others disagree.
Yes, I believe we do impact our world and our climate by the way we live and things we use. I think everyone should do their part. However, I believe God is in control of the weather and our world, and He will take care of things according to His purpose. In other words, it’s not something  I lose sleep over. One day, this world is going to end no matter what we do or don’t do. God has all of that worked out.
President Trump did not say he wouldn’t sign a different agreement but he thinks the current one is bad. After reading just some of it, I agree that it’s bad for America. Personally, I also think it was one more step toward globalization and is more like global income redistribution.
Despite what some like Nancy Pelosi are saying, not being in the accord, does not cripple our future and does not mean efforts won’t be made toward renewable energy and taking care of our environment. The sky is not going to fall. Remember the agreement was non-binding anyway. Each country set their own goals and those could have changed at any time. In fact, they don’t even have to meet any of the goals. We could have stayed in the pack and done nothing, except give other countries a billion dollars. That’s money we can use right here in America for reducing pollution or other worthwhile issues. There is no guarantee those countries would use the money for the purpose intended and there was no oversight for accountability. I’m not even sure some of those countries were ever truly serious about reducing emissions in the first place; they just wanted the money. Why should we place a burden on our citizens here to for other countries to do their part in cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions? China is one of the worst offenders. Just because you have an agreement, does not mean anything actually gets done. You shouldn’t have to have an agreement for countries to do what they should be doing to take care of the world in the first place. The agreement, in reality, didn’t solve problems, it only postponed them. It makes it seem as if countries care about the environment when it is really about money — climate finance not change. Yes, some may really care, but I wouldn’t say the majority do.
It would have crippled the coal industry even more than it already has been impacted and a rebound may not even be possible. Just in case you care, the agreement was signed by President Obama, without approval of the U. S. Senate which is required by the Constitution, so a case could be made it was actually illegal. We don’t need to be part of a pact to do what needs to be done for our environment or any other area either. While reports say you have to give a year’s notice and then it takes three years to be officially withdrawn, since it was not done in accordance with our Constitution, and since it is non-binding, I don’t see how they can hold us to that part either.
I believe you should take care of your own home first. If you can’t even do that, how can you help anyone else. We have let things in America slide for way too long. Trump made the campaign promise to get us out of the agreement and that’s what he did. He kept a campaign promise which is very rare these days.
Before we implode, let’s breathe deeply and try to find some common sense among all the craziness. Let’s give President Trump a chance and let’s up our prayers for him and our country. I think our country is worth it. Don’t you?©2017

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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