Life is an adventure

It doesn’t take long to get back to reality after taking some time off because you are having to play catch-up on the things you didn’t do during your time off. While normally, we head to the beach, it’s been a few years since we went north so the mountains was our place of choice.
Though it rained practically the whole time, we were able to get out and do some hiking in search of several waterfalls. Hiking mountain trails showed me just how out of shape I am even though I walk and exercise every day. We were not able to do some of the things we had planned, but just getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life was a blessing. Seeing the beauty God created in nature up close and personal, is a great reminder of how blessed we are and how awesome the land we live on is and that we should always be counting blessings.
Of course, our four-legged child went with us. Roxie is the reason we have a camper. We couldn’t bear leaving her behind when we went somewhere and hotels who accept dogs charge a lot for that privilege. So, it was cheaper to get a camper.
She loves to go with us and whenever she sees David getting the camper ready, she watches him like a hawk and as soon as he opens the door to his truck, she is inside before you can blink. You can’t get her out without physically removing her.
She enjoyed seeing the waterfalls, even though she doesn’t want to play in the water. She will walk on the edge of it though. I say she smiles when she is happy and to me she does look like she’s grinning. David is not quite convinced of that yet. He is convinced, however, that when she really wants me to get up, she tries to say “mama” which comes out more like “maw-maw”.
On a mile hike into Hemlock Falls, there was a bridge with rushing water underneath. David went first and Roxie hesitantly followed and I pulled up the rear as is usually the case since my gait is a little slower these days. We spent some time at the falls, even taking our shoes off to put our feet in the water for a while before making the trek back to the truck.
On the way back, David crossed the bridge, but Roxie would not. No amount of coaxing, or trying to get her to walk beside me would budge her. Apparently she wasn’t noticing the rushing water as much on the way over but coming back, she kept looking at the water in between the cracks of the bridge. Finally, David just had to pick up all 60 pounds of her and carry her over the bridge. Once over she started smiling and wanted to keep going back to tell David thank you.
On one of our trips, in between the rain, there was a tree across the road on the way back. It had fallen sometime after we had passed. A FedEx truck was on the other side with the driver scratching his head. He finally backed up and decided not to deliver his package that day, because that road was the only way in or out.
Thank the good Lord, David had a hatchet and a rope in his truck. Sometimes he carried an ax for chopping wood, but that was not the case this time. We both took turns with the hatchet trying to chop the tree in half so we could move it out of the way and continue on our journey. Fortunately, it wasn’t a huge tree, just probably about 10 inches around. Once we had about chopped through, we tried standing on it to get it the rest of the way, which didn’t work. We ended up tying the rope to the tree and pulling it apart with the truck so it could be moved out of the way.
Because of all the rain, I guess, there were lots of downed trees all over every place we went. On one of the trips down a long mountain road, I expected to hear “Dueling Banjos at any time! On one road, there were no ‘four wheel drive only’ signs posted, but there should have been. David actually ended up backing into a tree when he backed up to try to get more speed to get up the hill. Damage is only minor, thank goodness.
Another camper gave us insight into a great swimming hole. The road there was rough and while he said it was only 100 feet off the road, it was more like 750 feet and the path was rocky, muddy and steep. We had not worn the correct shoes for the journey because we thought it not that far off the road. There was a sandy beach area which was secluded and we were the only ones there. Only problem was the water was much too cold to attempt to swim. We will hopefully remember this place on the next trip though.
It’s always good to get away for a while but it’s also good to get back home. Roxie seemed really glad to be home. The only problem is, after being with us almost 24/7 for several days, once we get home, she wants us to go out with her every time she goes out. That is not always possible and sometimes you just don’t want to run outside every few minutes with her. After a couple of days being home, she will settle down some.
I still say she needs a four-legged buddy who would pal around with her but David still won’t have any of it. I’m not pushing the issue because, we don’t have enough room in the bed for one dog as it is, much less two. Life is always an adventure and when you have a four-legged baby in your life, it’s even better.

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