Seeking warmer climate

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, it was in the 70’s. This week it’s in the low 20’s on some days. It’s a good thing they changed global warming to climate change. Fact of the matter is the climate is always changing and the weather experts are not in charge of the weather, God is.
I’m not a cold weather person. I only like to look at snow for about a day or two and then I’m ready for it to be gone. I feel like I’m suffocating if I have to put on too many clothes to keep warm. I don’t like wearing heavy coats, scarves and hats. I also don’t like being cold so you see that puts me in a pickle when the temperature dips.

You will find me snug and warm inside by the fireplace when not working during extremely cold weather.  Our fur baby is not too keen on the cold either. She gets under the covers to get warm and loves to lie on the couch in the living room near the fireplace. In fact, she will stay there until the fire finally dies out, long after we’ve gone to bed.
David was home with her for awhile after his company closed and before starting a new job and she got too used to it. Roxie doesn’t like change. When things went back to normal, she acted a little depressed, moping around after he left for work.
Like me, I’m sure she’ll be glad when warmer weather arrives so we can get back on the walking trail. I just can’t do it when it’s so cold. If my feet ever get cold, I’m done for because it takes forever for me to thaw out.
The cold is a good thing though, like it or not. Peach trees need a certain number of cold hours and they should definitely get enough this year. It also helps to kill the mosquitoes and other pesky insects.
With extreme cold weather comes health hazards like frostbite, seasonal affective disorder and even an increased risk of heart attacks. However, cold weather also burns calories which is always a good thing in my book.
It can also bring you closer to your sweethearts as you snuggle up to keep warm. Some scientists say it reduces inflammation. That’s the reason you put ice on a sprain. We also don’t have to deal with pollen in the winter.
While it seems more people are sick during the winter time, colds and flu are not caused by the cold weather but once contracted, both are happier in the cold weather. They are caused by viral infections which are caught from other people. During winter, we tend to stay indoors in a smaller space so if we are around more people in closer quarters, chances of catching something is greater.
Personally, I’m into essential oils and have found they do work in helping ward off colds and other sickness if you use them in time. I also use them in a diffuser next to my bed at night to help me sleep better. My hubby always gets a bad cold at the end of the year but did not this year and I attribute that to my use of essential oils. Plus if he says he feels like he’s getting sick, we start upping the vitamin C and if congestion starts in your chest, I start making mullein tea. It seems to knock out the congestion right away. At least that’s been my experience but please remember I’m not a doctor, though I would like to study holistic medicine further.
I do not understand why they urge people to get flu shots and then say it is ineffective on this year’s strain of flu. I do understand there are different strains and they just guess which one will be prevalent when they are working on the vaccine. To that point, I guess it would make sense.
I never take the shot, as the only time I did take it, I had a really bad case of the flu and have not had it since that time. I am opposed to some of the ingredients in the shot as well as having the powers that be push it on me. You can’t go to the doctor without them asking you about taking it and now even the drug stores are pushing it as well.
They usually contain mercury, which is a heavy metal that is hazardous to humans. It can not only cause memory loss, digestive imbalances, respiratory problems but also cardiovascular diseases. Some evidence suggests the flu shots are responsible for some cases of Alzheimer’s disease. The shots can be more dangerous than the flu in some cases. Of course, it’s an individual choice and I choose not to get one. There is a reason dentists no longer use mercury fillings.
I do not trust the CDC or any other agency to tell me I should take a vaccine. They have a financial interest in immunizations just as Big Pharma has an interest in seeing that you take various pills continuously.
We should take our health seriously and know what we are taking and if there is a better way we should seek that way.  Seems to me they should spend more money of educating the public on how to avoid getting the flu than pushing flu shots. But that’s just me.
And if I pay for insurance, I feel I should be able to decide if I want to go to an alternative doctor or a regular doctor. But, unfortunately, we are not allowed that choice. As long as Big Pharma is in control, that will never be a choice. It’s something that should be changed. Not buying into the bull they tell us is a start. ©2018

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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