Insensible, nonsense

Some things just do not make sense to me at all.
I recently was deleted on FB by someone who said I was too upbeat all the time and they didn’t want to be encouraged every day!! I’m not kidding folks. I didn’t know her that well anyway so no big deal but I it is just more insensible nonsense.
People who know me understand why I try to be encouraging and strive to be upbeat and people who love me, appreciate that fact and I am blessed with many of them.
Believe it not I do have some pet peeves though. One being people on FB who have an answer for everything. Also people who think they have to comment on everything that is posted. Listen up, that’s not necessary and the world will survive if you don’t comment.
I don’t like the negativity and there seems to be too much of these days. We have made a travesty out of freedom of speech. You see with freedom comes responsibility and part of that responsibility is keeping your mouth shut when you don’t have to say anything. I guess it’s something you have to practice and learn but most people don’t want to take that kind of time.
Common sense is dead. Died when people decided to open their mouths when it is unnecessary and quit taking responsibility for their actions and what comes out of their mouths.
Other pet peeves include compassionless folks who leave their animals outside in the cold. If you’re cold, they are too and I don’t want to hear how their fur protects them. I also don’t understand how people can get a pet and then take it back or drop it off somewhere. That is just irresponsible and it seems to be on the rise.
Worse yet, how can you chain one of your children and not feed them or feed them drugs? I don’t get it. Crazy world we live in.
FB has made it possible for discussion pages. I’m sure someone somewhere thought it a good idea and it could have been but most of these pages have taken a wrong turn somewhere. People spout off about things they know nothing about instead of going straight to the source of the problem and trying to find out an answer or a solution. Therefore, these pages become places for whiners not real discussions.
Add in that some people become agitated and make cruel comments if someone disagrees with their statements.
Case in point, the recent flag issue at the high school. Everyone was going off the deep end on one of those pages, before they even know the whole story. People are still going off the deep end because they don’t want to accept the truth. To top it off, a media outlet (not us) didn’t report the whole thing accurately. That just added fuel to the fire. We ran a story  and we crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s. If you still don’t agree or don’t like it, then try and at least consult with the powers that be before jumping off the deep end and continuing to complain.
Our first reaction has become to get offended or get mad before we even know what’s going on. It’s affected the whole country. Some people live for this and unfortunately, FB has given those an avenue to use. It creates division and hatred. I’m against any kind of hatred. Hatred destroys you from the inside out.
We don’t always have to be heard if there isn’t really any cause for us to say anything. We beat a dead horse as my dad used to say, to death. We keep on repeating the untruth or harping on something until it permeates all of society and before you know it, the drama has spread, everyone is jumping on board and there is not a truth of evidence to be found in any of it.
That’s what’s happening in our own government in Washington. Democrats want to shut the government down because they don’t agree with immigration proposals for those illegally in our country. I don’t see them as expendable but I also do not understand why they won’t go through legal channels or don’t apply to become a citizen especially after being here years and years. Used to be you could hold a dual citizenship without giving up their heritage if that’s the problem, but I believe that has changed.
Some do pay taxes but there are many who do not. I’m not for deporting the children born here either but illegal is illegal and that’s why we have laws against it. I believe the United States should come first and its citizens. It’s kind of our right as a citizen. You can bet they can’t go to other countries and receive some of the benefits they get here. I realize immigrants founded our country, but it’s a different world now and we are not only overpopulating areas, we are destroying natural resources and we need to take a step back.
Should they have the same rights as citizens. I vote no and believe instead of working to become legal, which I understand can be tedious but worth it if you really want to be in the U.S., they take the easier way. I also feel they should be fighting to make their own country better instead of just up and leaving. That’s what U.S. citizens strive for every day.
There are many heart-wrenching stories out there and I do have compassion. However, I believe in following the law and illegal is still illegal in my book. I certainly don’t believe our military and over government workers should suffer because some in congress are not getting their way on immigration law. In reality that’s what it comes down to because most of them really don’t care about the immigrants. They just use them as pawns in a chess game to benefit themselves. ©2018

VICTORIA SIMMONS is an author, columnist, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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