Seasonal Affective Disorder

If I make it through December without feeling meloncholy or sadness, it will always hit me in January.
January is one of those hard months for me. It’s not only my Dad’s birthday, but I lost my Dad in January. My late husband got sick in January on Dad’s birthday two years after Daddy had passed and died in February.
I struggle getting through the month. There are tons of memories to keep them alive and most are wonderful. But I find that I tend to be more of a hermit in January.
Since I am not a fan of cold weather, that only adds to wanting to stay inside. As I age, I don’t seem to tolerate the cold as well. I don’t like to wear heavy coats either because they restrict my movement.
January is also full of end of the year stuff to do, taxes, forms, etc. which can drive me crazy at times. Mainly because the printer isn’t crazy about the forms. Plus you have to purchase an overabundance of forms which you don’t really need. They need to have a package for smaller businesses.
Used to be you could kind of predict what kind of month you will have in business, but the last several years that has not been the case. Last January we had one of the best one’s yet but the previous year it was one of the worst. Depends a lot on the economy and what’s going on in the country. With things so crazy, you can’t really predict with any accuracy anyway. If you base things on the previous year, chances are you will be wrong.
We do try to set goals and strive to meet and surpass them, but you just never really know.
I really am trying not to complain, though I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way.
I’m working on getting goals met this year in different areas and having the blahs in January seems to put a damper on getting things accomplished.
Seems I am not the only one who gets the blahs in January though, as I have heard other people express the same things. Seems there’s actually a name for it, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. I’m determined not to get too bogged down in the blahs this year though.
Januarys are great for building a fire in the fireplace and watching the flames as you sip on coffee or hot chocolate and contemplate life. Or, how about curling up with a good book under a warm blanket?
Some days I make myself get in the kitchen and cook — a pot of soup or chili or some other winter comfort food.
I’ve found myself wondering if men get the blahs as much as women, or even at all? I’m not sure but my hubby doesn’t seem to want to be as productive in January either, so maybe they do, just not to the extreme as women seem to do.
Having the blahs doesn’t mean I’m not happy, because I am. I’m very blessed as well. It’s just that I feel out of sorts, not quite myself. I told my hubby, I understand why bears hibernate in the winter.
I think that it’s a good thing I realize what’s happening and admit to it instead of sweeping it under the rug and denying it. I’ve started adding extra Vitamin D to my daily regime and it does help combat the blahs to a certain extent. I’ve come to understand that we go through different seasons, if you will, in our life and having the January blahs is just one of those. The key is to not get so bogged down with it that you slip into a state of depression. It’s all about balance and that sometimes is not easy.
During this month I also remind myself that I am a daughter of the King and need to straighten my crown and keep moving forward. That too, is not always easy but reminding myself of that fact, seems to propel me forward.
I used to journal all the time but have kind of gotten away from it. Seems I journal less when everything is right in my world, but I am making an effort to do it more. Writing things down helps to get the proper perspective. Feelings and emotions change and can sometimes be fickle. Talking with God about it helps more than anything and letting joy in Him truly be my strength, gets me through the blah period without it dragging on too long.
I know it will pass and that He is with me all the way. On those days when I feel a little more out of sorts than usual, I will rest and kind of chill. Sometimes that is what is needed, just to rest, relax and let go of the world around you.
I also use these times for inner reflection and deep thought. I’m not worried about the future because I know God’s got it all worked out but that doesn’t mean we aren’t supposed to move our feet and use our hands. Sometimes we have to make a course correction and inner reflection can help.
When warm enough I take a walk and count my blessings. A change of scenery always helps.
I also try to do things with and for other people to get my mind from overthinking. Friends are always a cure for the winter blahs and I’m blessed to have several good ones I can call and spend time with. Social media does not help SAD, as it can sometimes make you feel more isolated so I cut back on social media time. You’d be surprised how addicted you may be and how freeing it is to disconnect for even just a few hours.
Fortunately, spring is not that far away and will be here before you know it. I’m counting the days! ©2019

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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