Borders should be protected

I’m writing as the President is getting ready to declare a national emergency to build the wall. Some people are going into overdrive about it. It’s not the first time presidents have declared national emergencies. In fact, we are still under some from the Obama administration. Most of us lock our doors and to gain entry you knock and we open the door and decide whether to ask you in or not. I guess some people disagree with that as well since there is a state of disagreement on everything these days. Most of the people who were once for securing our border but are now against it because it was Trump’s idea, have gates around their homes. Don’t see the difference. It’s a double standard.
If you really know all that is going on, you will realize that Trump had no other recourse, than to declare the national emergency, thanks to the Democratic control. They would not compromise one iota on it. I’m kind of disappointed that he signed the funding bill because there are some scary and questionable things included. I was expected some line item vetoes, but oh well.
I realize he got a lot of flack for the government shutdown, but why aren’t people up in arms about the Democrats not wanting to compromise, is what I don’t understand.
My husband, David’s, family lives in Texas. They can tell you stories about illegals.
I ran across some facts from a trusted source I wanted to share. Twenty years ago the border could be controlled with 5,000 agents. It now takes 35,000 agents and even our troops are needed to help.
Countries from where these immigrants come from, do not want them back because they are usually from the impoverished or criminal class.
One of the areas, Mount Cristo Rey has been identified as a place of danger. There is a sign posted there that says you should contact the police before you tour the area. This happens to be a corridor for drug and human trafficking between the two countries. There is the possibility you could be raped, robbed or that you could even disappear.
The holding centers were the migrants are taken, are designed for 80 to 90 but now hold 200 to 250. Cramped is an understatement. Agents do not even have to seek them out as they go to the agents and surrender because they know they will be taken care of and released into the general population. They do receive a notice to appear before a judge but 90% do not appear as they know they will be sent home for not meeting the requirements.
But by this time they are in our country. They play hide and seek until Trump is removed from office and a path to full citizenship will then be forced by the powers that be. Believe what you may but it is the Mexican cartels not the Mexican government that controls entry into the United States.
Migrants cannot get into the United States without paying at least $100 per person to the controlling cartel at the location they will be entering. As you can imagine, the cartel enforces those rules.
Even the border agents agree with building the wall. It is sad that in America today we have to fight to protect our borders. If you lock our doors at night, then you should understand the need for a wall. Yes, it is really that simple but more dangerous and some are calling it a humanitarian need.
Ranchers in the areas live in constant fear their lives and livelihoods are under attack by the hordes of individuals and drug cartels trudging through their property.
Even data from the FBI show that because of all the hoopla and the caravans, even terrorists are sneaking into our country through Mexico. Yes, it has become a matter of national security.
Since 2016 Mexico has been the second deadliest country in the world. These illegals have siphoned more than $54 billion out of America and that is rising daily.
America’s safety of its citizens should come before illegals. Just look at other countries where they had open borders. Even socialists in Europe have realized it doesn’t make sense. The European Union reversed its open-borders policy and agreed to spend billions bribing Turkey to take back of the thousands of refugees that poured into Europe. Member countries are building fences and walls protected by armed guards to prevent inundation.
If it doesn’t infuriate everyone who works hard for a living that they are helping to support these illegals with their tax money, I don’t know what else will.
The wall, however, is only one component. The rule of law must be restored on both sides of the border. Legal immigrants can have an above-board relationship with employees. While legal entrance into our country can still be applied for, many won’t go through the process. Those who don’t should demand that their own government reform the current system that perpetuates not only poverty but violence and crime. I believe that if you are unhappy in your own country, you need to work with others to enact changes for the better.
Many of the politicians on the other side of the fence, now wanting open borders, were once in favor of the wall. It is only because of Donald Trump that they are against it now, because they hate anything he does. It’s time they got over themselves. There needs to be a call for term limits all across our land because you can’t expect those who guard the hen house to enact limits for themselves. These same politicians won’t protect the unborn but care more about the illegals than they do about citizens in the United States.
The consequences of open borders will be devastating on so many levels there is not enough space to detail them here. We need the wall.© 2019

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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