Proposed new deal doesn’t work

Talk of anything with the words “new deal” in them make me cringe and want to run and take cover. Studying the original new deal under President Franklin Roosevelt, you will find that it prolonged the nation’s suffering, and made the Great Depression hang around for a decade. It restricted individual liberty and crippled economic growth.
The latest proposed “new green deal” is even worse and would have much more far reaching disastrous results. Included in the deal is massive spending, more inefficient regulations and massive tax increases for the taxpayer– as much as 70% higher.
In an interview for 60 Minutes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) said to call her a radical. Okay, not only is she an extreme radical, I would go so far as to call her nuts. I tried to read the Green Deal verbiage which is painful to do because it makes no sense at all and the numbers blow your mind.
In discussing the plan she talked about tax rates in the 60s when it was not only progressive but confiscatory. She even uses them in her argument for the deal. What she obviously doesn’t know is that President John F. Kennedy, repealed those tax rates because they not only failed to raise the revenue and held back economic growth and the resulting tax revenue. Those who taught the 1950’s era “tax fairness” should keep in mind that more than half of tax filers have no income liability and many taxpayers actually get a refund from the government. Those tax rates from that era also kept people from engaging in income increasing activities or expanding their businesses. The economy suffered.
Tax rates were lowered in the 1980s by President Ronald Reagan. This had the effect of business owners no longer figuring out how to lose money to reduce tax liability and we saw the economy booming.
AOC’s plan would rob our nation of investment capital which is necessary to produce innovations and needed revenues for funding. The plan would also rob lower-income workers of opportunities for advancement and make them more reliant on government subsidies. This would increase their overall tax burden as well.
You see where all of this is leading? Socialism, of course. This green deal is out of touch with today’s realities and the concerns of most Americans. If they didn’t act so serious about it, though she doesn’t have a real clue, it would be hilariously funny.
The Green New Deal (GND) would re-image our national economy. Proponents forget, or choose to ignore than our nation is now the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. American consumers are enjoying the economic benefits in the form of well-paid jobs and lower prices at the pump and with utility bills.
In reality, energy companies have been working on reducing their environmental footprints for years. They are on the front line of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and GND progressives would do well to partner with them, not make them into enemies with nonsense. We do not want such proposals that would set us back to the years of gas rationing and price spikes.
The GND will turn out our lights as it demands the abandonment of fossil fuel and nuclear energy production. It seeks to stop air transportation totally and supposedly create affordable public transportation. That also means doing away with farming equipment. Do you understand that would mean less available food production so less on your table?
It also requires the demolition or reconstruction of almost every standing building in the United States to be replaced with so-called energy efficient buildings. Because it bans internal combustion engines, the new structure would have to be built with hand tools. Oh, and the GND requires all jobs to become union jobs.
It’s authors know that this deal would bankrupt our nation. Some of them even admit this fact. They have no idea how to pay for this deal other than print more money and create more public debt. But you see that doesn’t make America green, it will turn our country into a Venezuela.
In this verbiage, it also mentions cow farts in the context of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from every sector. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves.
The GND will not work. It rests on the development of new technology, a lot that doesn’t even exist yet. Fossil fuels and internal-combustion engines are banned but massive tech advances required. Such advances can’t happen with plastics and miniaturization, which can’t happen without fossil fuels and internal-combustion engines.
AOC and others have used the climate debate to incite fear into the masses. Even some scientists say it doesn’t exist. If you look at the weather across the nation this past year and compare other years, you like me, may just decide it’s a climate cycle which has existed since the earth began.
This deal calls for the closing of all overseas military bases and proposes an alternative public banking system, offers free education and provides single-payer Medicare for all. In short, the GND gives us socialized medicine, puts us in government housing, the taking over of private industries through excessive regulation (socialism) and puts the whole country into a welfare state. The United States as it is currently, would in short, cease to exist. The GND is lunacy at its finest.©2019

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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