Death of manners and pride

Last week was just one of those weeks. So much happened in the news true, but it was just kind of a strange week all around. I’ve shaken my head in disbelief more than I can remember over things happening in the world.
I find myself asking when did having pride in America die. I was deleted by my nephew on social media last week because he made a statement about leaving America because of its history of slaves. There were other comments but, I became so mad at the statement, I’m not sure what else was stated.
Maybe I should not have done so, but I told him if he felt that way then yes he should go somewhere else and could take others than felt that same way. I went on to say he definitely did not have a firm grasp on American history and what freedom cost this country. I stated I was a proud American. I also told him I loved him.
I half-way expected to get deleted because apparently, from that and other posts, he is one of today’s snowflakes who not only lack compassion, but respect,manners or any common sense and are devoid of any pride. Many have been given everything — opportunities unlimited and haven’t really worked hard a day in their life. Some of these are still living at home and unable to stand on their own two feet. That’s not necessarily the case with Ryan, but he does have a child for which I don’t think he has ever taken full responsibility. A child that, still lives in the United States, while he has been traveling around the world playing music.
There is an undertone in our country, trying to erase the true history of America, trying to shame us into submission to their way of thinking and trying to take us down the path of socialism. For probably the last 60 years, the brainwashing has been ongoing and we have been fed so much propaganda, that many are easily led astray. It has become the norm and the ability to think for one’s self is becoming as extinct as common sense.
We place athletes and movie stars on pedestals and practically worship them. When you are put on a pedestal, you are most likely going to fall off sooner or later. I have always said they are just doing their jobs, like me and the rest of working America and their job just happens to put them in the limelight a little more and they may make more than the average American. Still it’s just their career choice.
Civics lessons need to put back into our public schools and since apparently parents are no longer teaching their children rules of etiquette, perhaps a class on it as well. There is just so much rudeness and lack of compassion in our world today.
I know that cellphones are widely accepted but checking it at the dinner table is just plain rude, no matter how you color it. I hardly ever see young people holding doors for the elderly anymore. How many times have you watched somebody cough without covering their mouth?
Cell phones and social media have practically done away with common courtesies which used to come natural to most people. Children learn by example and parents are just as bad as the kids when it comes to being on their cell phone.
It also seems no one hardly eats at home anymore. Even birthday parties for kids are held at restaurants. How much fun is that really? And if I had made as much noise as some children today at a restaurant, it would have been a very long time before I would have been taken out to eat again, or would be able to sit down without wincing.
Good manners and proper etiquette is a sign you care about those around you.
Pride in your country shows you not only care about yourself, but others as well too. Our children don’t understand the sacrifices that were made to keep our country free. If a parent who was watching the U.S. Soccer team and didn’t say anything about how the one player (I refuse to mention her name) refused to sing the national anthem, a lesson was missed. The whole team lacked humility. Her refusal was disrespectful not only to the United States but her employer who happens to be the United States. Personally, I don’t think she should have even been allowed on the team. She also has a potty mouth, which does not make her a role model in any way, shape, fashion or form. You should not be representing a country for which you have disdain.
Much of the world was watching and what they learned from these women, in my opinion, is that Americans are arrogant and conceited. There was a lack of sportsmanship, class and humility. It would have been a great victory which all of America could have celebrated had they acted classy and not bragged about every goal they scored. Instead it was an embarrassment for our country. Somehow we have failed to pass down pride and humility. They may have won a title, but they lost me and probably countless other Americans.
And in my opinion, if you approved of their disrespect and lack of class, then you may be part of the problem that is infecting our country.
The pulling together and sharing our pride we felt during 9/11 has drifted into oblivion. I want my country back. The one where everyone stood for the national anthem and felt goosebumps as they said the pledge of allegiance. I will never concede that we are too far gone and I will never give up hope in a return of pride. God save us from ourselves. ©2019
VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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