Benefiting the community as a whole

Thursday evening was the Chamber’s annual meeting which recognizes people in the community for various things. It’s a great way to recognize people and I especially like the unsung hero award. This year given to the late Wendy Sears, and the Farm Bureau Women’s Committee.  You can see all about the awards given on the front page this week.

I get to see people I don’t see all the time at this event which is one reason I attend.

This year’s speaker was Judge Verda Colvin. She spoke on the assets we have in Crawford County and that we need to capitalize on them.

While her comments were timely and something everyone needed to hear, especially from an outsider, I’m sure there were some who still aren’t listening.

This community has such great potential. Yes, as in any community there are negatives, but we should focus on the positive more. I know for a fact you can get stuck in a complaint mode and if everyone around you is complaining, eventually you find yourself doing the same thing.  So, instead of complaining, be grateful for everything. 

Until we start working together and stop the complaints, you keep taking steps forward and then even more back. I’ve been in the community for 12 years and have gained many insights into the mechanics of the community.

There are those who only want personal gain, while there are quite a few who are working for the good of the whole, which is what everyone should be doing. Some people say they want change, then fight against it every step of the way. We want a grocery store but then don’t support it but want to complain when it’s gone.

It’s easy to say we are working together, but in reality and in seeking the absolute truth, that’s not the way it is. Some want to continue controlling what happens here, others only think of how it will benefit them and how they can get the credit. That kind of mindset can kill a community and I know personally, it has injured a few here because when a project gets rolling they get shot down by negativity and the naysayers.

Sometimes those projects are shot down by people who are so ingrained in the community or who have been here all of their lives, they think they somehow are in control. Believe me, no human is really in control, God is and how prideful is it to think you can control everything that’s going on in the community. No one really can. 

Some people don’t want things to change or they are use to doing things the same way and can’t fathom doing it differently. Like Judge Colvin reminded us last week, you can’t get a different outcome if you keep doing the same thing in the same way. 

Truthfully, there are certain industries we can’t accommodate here because the infrastructure won’t handle it. Can that be changed? Absolutely with leaders who have a vision for that change and do what it takes to move forward. Whether that is applying for grants to improve what needs improving or working to get it done.

We should not be spending time on those things which we cannot accommodate but putting lots of effort into projects that we can accommodate. That just makes more sense to me. 

I’m not sure what it’s going to take but we’ve all got to get on the same page when it comes to our community. For me, when I encounter a negative person and they are complaining, I try to combat it with a positive thought. For example, if someone is complaining about something in the community, bring up a positive point that is happening to get them thinking on the positive. 

Yes, I know that some people never get it, but we have to keep trying. Change is never easy and it takes time but we have to change the way things are done if we want something different to happen here. Progress takes forward thinking leaders who though they may disagree or have a different opinion, can put their egos on a shelf and get on the same page with everyone if it benefits the whole. I’ve witnessed that elsewhere and I know we can do it here. We just have to want it so bad we won’t accept anything less. It has to start with each of us. Let’s do this!

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:   


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