New press secretary is breath of fresh air

Glad to see so many places opening back up again and many not requiring masks. I really feel for the servers and other employees of stores where they have to wear a mask all day. There is no way that can be good for you.

I haven’t heard anything about it but someone mentioned while churches were able to open up, they could not have choirs or sing. A friend of mine conducted his own experiment on facebook using smoke and singing as loud as he could to see how close he could get to the smoke with singing before the smoke was affected. Though his singing left something to be desired, I’m sure mine would too if I sang at the top of my lungs, the smoke was not affected until he was right up on it. 

His point was, singing was not going to impact anyone if you are social distancing. Thank you to President Trump for deeming churches essential. Always were and while church is not the building, we are to fellowship together. Having virtual services are not just the same to me. There is something about being in a worship service with people praising God. Besides I can’t stay focused enough on a computer or TV screen like I do when in an actual service. That’s just me and if you enjoy the virtual services just as much, then keep enjoying them. 

Special thank you to Patti Temple who has helped us keep up lately. Patti is a gem and we certainly do appreciate her. Thank you Patti.

I do not watch a lot of news lately, as most of it is not believable or opinionated far left but I still tune in to some during the week. I’ve been impressed with Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary. She is not only a class act at the podium, she can put reporters in their place and because at one time she was one of them, they don’t give her as much grief as they have others. I loved Sarah Sanders but Kayleigh is even better. 

During her first briefing she told reporters and the American people that she would never life to us. She worked for CNN at one time as a political analyst and also was a producer for Huckabee on Fox News. So she’s definitely not stranger to politics nor journalism. 

She was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Her father owned a commercial roofing company. She majored in international politics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC after attending the Academy of Holy Names in Tampa. During her college tenure she studied abroad at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford where she was taught politics by future British Shadow Home Secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Kayleigh enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law before transferring to Harvard Law School, graduating in 2016. At Miami, she was the recipient of the Bruce J. Winick Award for Excellence, a scholarship awarded to students in the top one percent of their class. 

As a college student she interned for several politicians including George W. Bush. Before jumping on the Trump train in 2016, Kayleigh was highly critical of him.  In 2017 she as appointed as the spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

She is married to Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Sean Gilmartin and they have one daughter, Blake who was born in November of 2019.

On a recent briefing she actually gave the press homework, telling them these were the questions she would like for them to answer concerning Obamagate. That takes a lot of guts and Kayleigh seems to not only have plenty but is not afraid of any question the press might throw at her. 

She also has cited her faith as getting her through and that is also commendable and refreshing from a national spokesperson.  Keep it up Kayleigh!

There really have been some bizarre stories come out about things going on in other places like California and New York. Such as having armed guards on top of buildings ordered to shoot at the first hint of trouble during organized protests which from what I’ve seen, have been very peaceful. But we’ve come to expect that from those places. Quite frankly, I feel blessed to live in Georgia where things are quite as crazy for us and rights aren’t being trampled as much. Of course, I’ve heard that Atlanta is pretty messed up but I avoid there as much as possible.  

Those states have Democratic governors and people elected them which is a good example of electing the right people and doing your homework before you vote.

North Carolina also has a Democrat for governor and since the state is being slow to open, President Trump is contemplating moving the Republic National Convention scheduled for there in August. Governor Cooper of NC, has been slow in opening up his state and has not said whether or not it will be fully opened and whether the venue  in Charlotte, can be fully occupied during the convention.  I don’t blame him for making a stand. It’s time to move forward and open everything up. At least 50,000 people were expected to be in Charlotte for the convention. 

Our Governor Kemp, has made a play for the convention to be brought to Georgia. Sounds like a good idea to me.   Texas has also made a play for the convention and Florida has been mentioned as another possibility. 

The one problem I see in Georgia is the mayor of Atlanta who is not happy the state has not stayed on lockdown. But hopefully, she would not present any roadblocks.

The conventions held by both parties, brings in revenue to the state and community in which they are held so I can’t imagine why a state wouldn’t want it held there. Of course, if you like me, believe this was a planned pandemic, then you understand fully why they wouldn’t want the RNC to be fully occupied. If you don’t believe that, then just carry on.

Wishing you each a wonderful weekend ahead. Blessings.

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:   


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