How far do you allow government overreach?

Praying for students, teachers, parents and staff as school is back in session. I am amazed by the number of parents who are going off about schools opening back up. Yes, you can inspect more cases, just like anytime kids go back to school. They pass germs around and get sick from other kids. That’s life and it helps build up herd immunity.
I’m grateful I’m not the ones in charge of making decisions because I assure you I would make a lot of people mad. You just cannot please everyone and you just have to do the best that you can and pray more than ever.
There are studies out now which show we have an increase of depression, suicide and anxiety in children due to the current state of affairs. To what extent do you jeopardize your children’s health? Parents of course, have to do what they think is best for their children but make decisions on sound information not fabricated numbers and not the fear-mongering media. Again, I’m grateful I don’t have children young enough to be in school, but I do have plenty of grandchildren to think about.
I truly worry what we are teaching our children. First of all we are teaching them not to question whatever the government says do, you just do it. We are teaching them not to think for themselves but to let the government think for them.
So how easy do you think it will be for the next generation to give up whatever rights may be left by that time?
Education has gotten off on the wrong track as well, every since a federal department of education came into play. Yes, local schools use the money and many do need it, however, they have also given up some control on the local level. Personally, I feel all decisions should be based at a local level because that system knows what’s best for the students they serve.
Sooner or later, everyone is going to have to decide how far they will allow government overreach and what rights they will give up. Whether you think so or not, truth is you have already given up some of them. Anytime you go into a store with a mask and you are against them, you have given into the world’s madness.
Each of us has to take a stand on things and then stand and fight for it if necessary.
Government was supposed to be by the people and for the people. That is no longer the case because so many people do not try to rock the boat and they do not vote according to their morals and beliefs all the time. They believe what the politicians spoon feed them instead of actually investigating or researching what the candidate believes.
Our founding fathers did not include any kind of statement in the Constitution that would allow emergency orders to do away with our rights. They had witnessed plagues, pandemics, diseases, so they knew what could happen. They did not believe any of that should overshadow your rights. To do so would be tyrannical and they were all about freedom and rights of each individual.
We see governments telling us more and more each day what we can do and not do. Some states say no one can go to church or sing and if anyone does that they cut off electricity and water. If people have parties or large gatherings they do the same thing which means those people cannot have the basics of life and cannot cook, or even wash their hands. That is a huge overreach of government and we the people are the only ones who can put a stop to it.
It happens slowly, little by little and before you know it, all of your rights are gone. But you can only stop it if you strongly believe in individual freedoms, stand on the Constitution and protest infringement of government into your lives.
Agree with me or not, the government’s response to the pandemic has prompted the use of unprecedented, or at least rarely exercised, emergency powers. Some say this shows how the government can use its authority to solve problems, but in some cases, it is also a reminder of the truth of President Ronald Reagan’s “most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”
The only ones most of them want to help, is themselves. Some of the examples are just absurd and hard to believe but they have been verified to be true.
California, of course has the most ridiculous rules and actions. One such is a person on a paddle-board was arrested for not vacating the ocean. Sounds ridiculous and you may laugh, but it happened and is sad. And of course, they use the excuse of safety which in truth they care nothing about.
A man in Colorado was arrested for playing catch with his daughter in a park where there were hardly any other people. A man in Philadelphia was dragged off a bus and arrested for not wearing a mask. And one of the most stupidest things is that prisons are being released in great numbers with the excuse of protecting them from the virus. If masks really work, then give them masks!!
A sign on a park with a trail, stated that walking was permitted but you could not ride your bike on the trail!
And these government officials have one standard for others and another for themselves. Even in our local communities. The Byron mayor has mandated masks to enter city hall and does not allow exceptions for those with religious or health issues which prevent them from wearing a mask. Even some of the employees who do wear the masks are not wearing them properly, some not at all. The mayor does not wear them when attending events. This is government overreach of your rights and in the mayor’s case, it seems to be a power thing, much like the DC mayor who said lawmakers didn’t have to wear them but everyone else does.
So the virus is so smart it knows who to attack and where to attack. If you haven’t woken up about this yet, you may be part of the problem. Making healthy people wear masks is tyranny. Asking sick people to, is another thing. Some sick people should have probably been wearing them before the media fear mongered everyone about the pandemic.
Other mayors closed places such as hair or nail salons but then went out and had those services. Again double standards.
If mayors and other officials are going to enact rules, they themselves should be willing to suffer along with their citizens by following the rules. If not, they have lost respect and hopefully votes in the next election.
Some politicians seem to think that emergency powers are an unlimited form of fiat that allows them to do virtually anything, especially when it allows them to weld power over others. These people encourage others to rat out their neighbors and others who are not following the rules that they themselves are not following. Do you now have a problem with this? I do.
We are relying on government to determine what businesses and activities are “essential” and what are not, and the results vary state by state. Those who sell food, most household supplies, gasoline and health-related goods generally make the cut. Liquor stores are generally considered essential, except in some states as gun stores, but not churches.
Truth is, every business is essential and so is every person working or owning them. The longer we allow the government to keep telling us what we can and cannot do, more and more businesses will close and people will lose their jobs. Is is really worth it for a virus that has a 98% of survival; and there is a drug which prevents and stops it in its track when given immediately?
We should not be relying on the government to solve our problems. Their track record shows they are not good at it, only placing more and more people as dependents on them.
Personally, I want my life back and I want to preserve my freedoms. Allowing the government overreach, denies not only the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness but your Constitutional rights. Let your voice be heard and let’s stop the madness and erosion of our rights. Write legislators, mayors and governors. Quit being silent, unless you’re okay giving up rights, which includes your right to bear arms, because that is coming next. Vote for those whose morals most closely line up with yours and pray before casting your ballot. But do vote. This next election will determine whether we remain free or become a socialist country. Vote wisely. ©2020

VICTORIA SIMMONS Is a columnist, author, motivational speaker, minister and publisher of The Georgia Post/Byron Buzz. Contact her at:


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