People don’t really understand how things work

Let’s get real about the stimulus package. Only 9% of it is going to help Americans at all. If the whole thing went to help America’s citizens, each person would get $6000 which would go a long way in helping those without jobs and who are struggling to stay afloat and keep their homes and feed their families. But no, most of it is goes elsewhere. If you still think people in Washington really care about We the People, you are quite mistaken. If they did, we would be getting all of the stimulus package, but it never was about helping us.
Sadly, not many people truly understand how things work in D.C. and many of them don’t care as long as they get some kind of hand-out from the government. This will adds $1.9 trillion to our country’s deficit. You just can’t keep printing money, though some people seem to think you can. It doesn’t work that way and eventually you have to pay the piper. Nothing in life is really free.
I’m all for helping people who really need it, but how do you determine that and we can be assured Washington doesn’t know the meaning of being in need.
On some discussion paid someone posted something about the stimulus being a lot of pork and people began going off as if they were entitled to receive the money or were owed it. Sad that some people have that attitude. They went on to point out the poverty level in the area but had no real ideas of how to improve that other than for the government to bail them out. This is what is wrong with a lot of society today. Many think it’s the government’s job to bail them out. They don’t get that eventually, it has to stop somewhere.
Plus, they never even consider how much of the stimulus is going elsewhere.
Those who really win with this new stimulus bill are foreign countries. Egypt is getting $1.3 billion, Sudan, Israel and Ukraine get over 500 million each, and many other countries around the world sizeable contributions, much of which will be spent on “defense”. Which is to say sent straight back to America via massive arms purchases or most likely, kickbacks.
Not all the money being sent overseas is for buying weapons, some is for backing coups. Venezuela and Belarus get special mention here, each getting their own section of the bill detailing how terrible their “illegal regimes” are. There’s also a large section on “combating Chinese influence”. 4 BILLION dollars for the Gates-funded GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance. It also helps other countries fund abortions.
It includes money for a subway and railway extensions, mostly in Pelosi’s district. Imagine that!! Illegal aliens also get a piece of the pie as well as incarcerated criminals.
Also included: $1.5 million earmarked for the Seaway International Bridge connecting New York to Canada; $50 million for family planning groups such as Planned Parenthood; $852 million for civic volunteer agencies such as AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps Vista, and the National Senior Service Corps; and $470 million for libraries, museums, arts and humanities agencies.
Politicians make it sound so grandiose don’t they? I tried to go through the bill but it is monstrous so gave up, but there is plenty more pork in this bill. Of course, by the time the Senate gets through with it, there will probably be even more. There also is no plan to pay for all of this, which in itself is scary to me. When did we quit requiring our government to be fiscally responsible? As the deficit grows we are passing this on to our grandchildren down to the road to have to figure out how to repay. Of course, they way things are, China will own us anyway and they know how to get money out of a turnip I’m sure.
Another thing I cannot understand is why anyone would object to Voter ID. I haven’t heard any logical explanation and while some scream voter suppression, Voter ID does not suppress votes. Biden wants people to have a vaccination ID and people are okay with that but not Voter ID. It defies logic. You have to have an ID for most everything and it’s not hard to get one either, so what’s the big deal.
I understand why some people oppose it, like the higher ups, because it makes cheating harder, which is something we all should want. If you still think there was no fraud just because SCOTUS won’t hear the cases, you need to do more research. More and more people are getting arrested around the country for participating in the fraud.
I’m also wondering why the mainstream media is not jumping on the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo killed thousands of elderly people by putting them in nursing homes. President Trump sent ships to be used and Cuomo decided to put them in nursing homes so they would do. Yes, the sexual harassment allegations are bad and should be dealt with but murdering people for money should be a higher priority. Cuomo says he won’t resign so hopefully a recall effort will begin. In my opinion, he should be tried for murder. If it were one of my loved ones, I would be doing whatever it took. His intention was that these people would die. That’s premeditated murder. But of course, people like him seem to get away with even murder. ©2021
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