Having been a journalist for the past 38 years, God kept pushing me to do more for Him. In 2013 I finally said yes to Him about putting a women’s conference together and have been doing so every year since. Then the really hard work began. My ministry is A Light in the Darkness but my columns have been called Day at a Time ever since I began writing a weekly column. Therefore, the title of this blog. I have worked in all areas of community newspaper, from bottom to the top and have worked the banking industry and as Marketing/Public Relations Director for a community hospital. I grew up playing piano in church from the time I was 12 and began singing as well. I call myself a “jill of all trades”. I taught piano for five years and also am CEO of Babbling Brook Consulting and Design as well as Lensclusive Photography. I can also play a little guitar, an organ, French Horn and Flute. I was the drummer and vocalist in a band called Peaches and Cream in my teen years. A speaker, writer, event planner, editor and consultant I speak on a variety of subjects including writing, editing, journalism, community and especially enjoys speaking on what God has done in her life. I can design a speaking program for any venue and have spoken at several women’s conferences. My husband, David and I, have seven children between us and 13 grandchildren. We also have a furbaby  named Roxie. I recently became an author, co-authoring Vanished Towns Revisited, Crawford County and Byron, a history of town which no longer exist. It is my desire to take each day as it comes, give thanks for it and to be a light in the darkness for people. Blessings to each of you.


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